Our show was broadcast from April 18, 2017 through February 27, 2018, on Oldies 1079 WOLD

Dr. Marty covers subjects such as infidelity, addictions, love languages, communication, anger, divorce, relationship killers, trust, jealousy, and much more!

Show highlights:

3:20 This show is part 2 of our two-part discussion of borderline personalities. We will discuss what you can do if you are in a relationship with a borderline personality.

5:19 We first get into a quick overview of the things you can do that will make a difference in dealing with a borderline personality.

6:05 Dr. Marty digs deeper into this list, starting with a “self-image checkup”. What can you do to make yourself feel more positive, and better about yourself? Dr. Marty covers 5 things you can do to help improve your self-image.

10:30 What is the movie about yourself playing out in your head? Is it negative or positive?

12:40 What can therapy do to help improve your self-image?

13:30 Next, Dr. Marty talks about how anger reduction can help when dealing with a borderline personality.

15:55 Continuing with the discussion on how to deal with borderline personalities, we talk about the importance of setting boundaries.

18:37 How does fear of abandonment work with relationships involving a borderline personality?

20:36 How does a partner of a borderline personality dealing with conflict?

21:38 How is it possible to empathize without giving in?

22:07 The biggest mistake partners of borderline personalities make is waiting for the borderline person to get therapy. Don’t wait for the other person to change!

24:06 Dr. Marty covers 7 steps to deal with tension, and how to prevent fights.

31:40 Dr. Marty makes an announcement that because of time constraints, the “Ask Dr. Marty” Show will no longer be broadcast every Tuesday. He will be doing other things, in a different framework, on WOLD in the future.