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Show highlights:

3:17 We review what we covered on our last show about the Ingredients of a Good Relationship, including feeling accepted, and feeling respected, even during a fight.

4:05 Dr. Marty talks about one key ingredient for feeling accepted: respect. What Is the difference between having influence over your partner, versus wanting control?

8:32 Dr. Marty shares one of the most basic themes that makes a relationship work: Doing the right thing even when your partner doesn’t.

9:49 Now we get into the the first of the other two items from The Ingredients for a Good Relationship: Don’t tell your partner something they already know. Dr. Marty talks extensively about how this works, and what it means.

14:03 Dr. Marty talks in detail about the fourth, and perhaps most important Ingredient of a Good Relationship: Being nonjudgmental.