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Show highlights:

3:56 We start this show with a question Dr. Marty got from his blog. “My husband (or wife) is filing for divorce. Is it too late for counseling?”

6:00 Dr. Marty reviews the right way to approach this situation, with very specific suggestions.

7:00 We get into many details on exactly how to follow through on these suggestions.

10:18 We pick up again with our series on infidelity.

12:05 Dr. Marty reviews the six different types of affairs.

14:55 Sometimes Dr. Marty gets “the call of desperation” – where it looks like things are over because of discovering an infidelity. He talks about what he does when he gets this call.

16:22 We talk about the five stages of recovery and healing from infidelity. Dr. Marty gets into details on what is involved in these stages.

26:00 We summarize the three things that happen during the Trauma stage, and the recurring cycles of the Trauma stage.