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Show highlights:

1:56 This is Part 3 of our series on infidelity.

4:20 A positive statistic: 70% to 80% of relationships that have experienced an affair stay together, and heal from the infidelity.

5:00 Healing is a process. It’s not about immediate forgiveness.

5:30 What are the five stages of an affair? Trauma; Understanding; Repair; Healing; Integration.

7:07 As couples understand the process, and learn how to get through each stage successfully, they get a sense of hopefulness.

7:20 The stages may go back and forth.

7:55 Dr. Marty summarizes many of the other issues that will be covered, regarding infidelity, in future parts of the series.

10:30 We pick up from where we left off in Part 2, and talk about the sixth type of affair: The emotional affair.

12:20 Dr. Marty talks about the signs that you are having an emotional affair, or your partner is having an emotional affair.

16:48 The most important question: How do couples get past the unfaithfulness?

17:40 Dr. Marty gets into details on how to move past infidelity.

18:40 We begin the in depth discussion of the five stages to healing from infidelity. (Trauma; Understanding; Repair; Healing; Integration.)

22:23 Dr. Marty talks about the first, and perhaps the most difficult stage: The Trauma Stage.

25:55 We have a caller. Diane asks how to deal with feeling emotionally distant from her spouse; feeling emotionally abandoned.