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Show highlights:

1:35 This show is Part 2 on the series on infidelity.

3:30 Recap of last week’s show, Part 1 on infidelity.

5:20 If you have been unfaithful, how can you help your partner heal from this trauma? Extensive discussion on recognizing the physical reality of feelings and emotions, while not crossing the line into abusiveness or aggression.

11:18 We recap more on sex addiction and affairs, as well as myths about infidelity. “Self blamers” and “other blamers”.

14:30 When opportunity meets dissatisfaction, that’s when bad things start to happen.

16:55 Time spent with your partner is so important. Dr. Marty talks about what happens when this key part of a relationship is missing.

18:00 How do you and you partner deal with difficult issues?

18:40 Dr. Marty talks about the six different types of affairs: conflict avoidance affair; intimacy avoidance affair; sexual addiction affair; split self affair; exit affair; emotional affair.

26:00 Next time, Dr. Marty will be talking about the nine signs your partner is having an affair.

28:00 Trust comes before forgiveness.