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Show highlights:

2:15 This program #19 marks the beginning of Dr. Marty’s series on infidelity.

2:40 This show will cover a number of things relating to infidelity: myths about infidelity; why does infidelity happen; and a general idea of how to move past the trauma of infidelity. Future episodes will cover in detail the five stages of healing from infidelity.

3:10 Dr. Marty will also be talking about the antidote to infidelity: transparency and satisfaction. Dr. Marty will also be talking about different types of affairs.

5:10 Much of the material Dr. Marty will be covering comes from his two books on infidelity.

6:09 We discuss some statistics on how much infidelity happens in marriages.

7:03 Dr. Marty talks about the early signs of unfaithfulness.

7:58 How does dissatisfaction happen in a relationship or marriage?

8:17 How long does it take for a relationship to recover and heal from infidelity?

9:10 What are the two most important factors in healing from infidelity?

12:00 How might sex addiction be part of this picture?

12:40 Dr. Marty talks about the recovery process in general, and specifically some of the steps and stages encountered in recovery from infidelity.

14:22 Dr. Marty gets into many details about several myths involved with infidelity.

22:06 We move to the questions: Why does infidelity happen? How can we move past it?

25:03 Dr. Marty takes a long look at the cycles and patterns of blame regarding infidelity in a relationship.