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Show highlights:

1:35 Remember, it is not what you hear today that makes a difference, it is what you do with what you hear today.

2:30 The ability to negotiate well with your partner can make all the difference between a connected, loving, relationship, and one that is filled with resentment, attacking and avoidance.

4:20 Test your knowledge of negotiation with four questions!

4:50 We review, in great detail, the answers to these four important questions.

10:00 We get into some new communication techniques that can be used in stage 2 – the negotiation stage.

10:20 Constantly take your own emotional temperature.

10:50 We talk about the two most important reasons to stay calm during negotiation.

15:00 We look at an example of a couple who has to move. John has to move for his job, but Julie doesn’t really want to. What kind of accommodation can be made for Julie’s sacrifice? How do you find things to do that acknowledges both people’s set of needs?

17:45 Make it easy as possible for your partner to say yes! We look at an example.

22:00 Look for what you least mind giving up, and that might be of value to the other person.

22:45 How to avoid a really common mistake.

25:10 Never enter a negotiation without first seeing the positive side of your negotiation partner.