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Show highlights:

3:00 What makes for a happy life and relationship? Dr. Marty talks about how happiness is something you earn.

6:55 We discuss the three bad types of negotiators.

7:45 Dr. Marty talks about what makes a good negotiator. What qualities does this person possess?

9:15 We discuss the most important thing in negotiation: emotions.

11:30 What are the three emotions you *definitely* want to have when you are negotiating with your partner?

13:50 How our behavior is driven by the stories in our head.

16:45 We get into Dr. Marty’s three-step process for negotiation.

18:00 Details on the first step: pre-commitment. Preparing. With a great example relating to money in relationships.

23:50 Another example of how to approach the first step, pre-commitment, this time dealing with intimacy in relationships.

25:45 We talk about what is the most important things to focus on, in the first step. The purpose of preparing is to clearly know your own goals, and to understand your partner’s perspective.