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Improving Communication, Getting Past Anger & Reconnecting

If your relationship can be saved we will help you save it

I work with all types of relationships.

The goal for counseling is to figure out how to keep a couple together as long as a relationship is not physically and emotionally destructive.

During my 34 years of being a marriage counselor, I have learned that there are many things we can do to help couples with problems.

Together we can figure out what has gone wrong and what it takes to rebuild your love.

I will help you to find answers to difficult problems in your relationship through counseling.

Happy CoupleIn counseling, we can find solutions. When couples first start counseling everything seems to be falling apart. When people come to see me they have a lot of anger, hurt, and sadness. Some people are panicky and others are doubtful about whether or not they want to be married.

There are techniques that couples can use to deal with their feelings and problems. People come in saying "I've tried everything and nothing has worked." During our sessions, they are surprised to find out that there are many things that they weren't aware of and had never thought of.

These are the three steps in relationship counseling.

  1. We get the problems, issues, and resentments out in the open and in a safe and productive place.
  2. We deal with the disappointments, resentments and anger.
    I will also show you how to: rebuild your friendship and deal with different points of view.
  3. I will teach you how to build a new relationship, a relationship with: trust, understanding, kindness, fun, and love.

couple3.jpgPre-Marital Counseling

What I often find when couples come to see me for premarital counseling is that they tell me they love each other and want to be together but they find themselves getting into fights more, and more frequently. They keep hoping it will get better but it just doesn’t. (Click Here to Read More)

Take the first step towards a better relationship.

  • Things you can learn during counseling
  • How to handle your partner's rejection.
  • Exactly what to do to get your partner to listen to you.
  • How to handle your feelings of: hurt, frustration, and anger.
  • How to turn around your partner's hostility and rejection and open the lines of communication.

What if Only One Person Wants To Come for Counseling

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When your partner isn't willing to come in for help for the relationship, it is even more important for us to talk. By waiting for them to be ready, you are putting the future of the relationship in their hands. If you really want the best chance to save your relationship, you need to learn what you can do.

Here is what I can teach you even if your partner doesn't come in for counseling:

1. How to better understand your partner even if they don't speak to you.
2. How to effectively influence your partner when you do talk with them.
3. Learn how to deal with your partner when they won't listen to you.
4. Get support for a difficult situation.
5. How to help your children in a household that has conflict.
6. Learn how to handle difficult situations like: your partner's anger, addiction, or In-law problems.


If your relationship is in trouble, don't wait for your partner to be ready.

While you're waiting for them to come for counseling things will get worse and rebuilding your relationship gets harder.
As you learn to deal more effectively when your partner won't join in counseling there are two things that often happen;
First, many partners notice the change and they respond favorably. They also become more willing to communicate.
Secondly, the other person becomes less defensive, because they see that counseling is actually making a positive difference and very often they are willing to come in for counseling.

Dr. Marty’s 3 Promises to You:

As a marriage counselor and someone who is involved in a long term relationship, I’ve come to realize how hard it is and how much effort goes into maintaining a good relationship.

First – There is no charge for a brief follow-up phone call after our session. If you have a question about something that was said during our time together, you don't have to wait until our next meeting to get clarification on what was said.

Second – I have phone sessions for emergencies.

Third – I encourage emails between sessions and I either respond directly or use the material during our session.

Getting Help: I Can Help Your Relationship through Marriage Therapy or Couples Counseling at a New Jersey Office Near You.

As the Founder of YMC. I am dedicated to helping couples to stay together, and in order to reach this goal I have asked several couples’ counselors to join me. They are located in various parts of New Jersey and you are probably no more than 20 or 30 minutes from their offices. All of these therapists are experienced professionals who truly care about helping to bring couples together again.

To learn more about these counselors, please go to the "About Us" section, on this site. Please give us a call at 1-888-281-5850.

Dr. Marty
34 years of helping couples stay together
NJ Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor #37F100094000

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