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Dr. Marty has the compassion and common sense to help couples handle the challenges they face. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology, Masters in Counseling, LCSW, and over 30 years of experience. Learn More

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Dr. Marty Talks About How to Find a Good Counselor

Your Marriage Counselor - Marriage Counseling in NJ

Couples therapy and marriage counseling can help with communication, getting past anger, and reconnecting.

Together, we can figure out what has gone wrong, and what it takes to rebuild your love.

Call me at 888-281-5850 or fill in the contact form on the right to get started.

~ Our Special Gift for Your Relationship ~

We are dedicated to keeping couples together. From now through the end of December, as our gift, just click on this link to learn more about this helpful eBook, and to request your free copy of the Relationship Rescue Manual.

What will we work on in couples therapy or marriage counseling?

We will work together on these three steps:

  1. We get the problems, issues, and resentments out in the open, and in a safe, productive place.
  2. We deal with the disappointments, resentments and anger.
  3. I will teach you how to build a new relationship – a relationship with trust, understanding, kindness, fun, and love. I will also show you how to rebuild your friendship and deal with different points of view.

Click here to learn more.

The main goal for couples therapy & marriage counseling is to figure out how to keep a couple together, whenever possible. During my 34 years as a marriage counselor, I have learned that there are many things we can do to help couples with problems.

If your relationship can be saved, I can help you save it. Healing can begin now.

Listen now to any of the nine interviews, covering many different couples issues, that Dr. Marty has given on New Jersey 101.5. Click here to browse the selection.

NEW – Dr. Marty is excited to offer a fast, focused program at YMC, Accelerated Couples Therapy (ACT).

Good couples counseling is about learning new skills, not who is right or wrong.

  • ACT is a  program that combines what the field knows about forming strong, loving relationships, and what we know about how to learn new behaviors.
  • ACT is faster than traditional therapy, and more effective than self help programs, but it involves commitment on your part between sessions.

To learn more about ACT, contact Dr. Marty with the form on the top right, or call us at 888-281-5850.

If your situation is urgent, or an emergency:

I will do everything possible to schedule a same day appointment. Sometimes couples in crisis situations need immediate attention, if this is the case we can:

  1. See if a same day meeting is possible.
  2. Try and schedule an emergency phone session.
  3. If the first two possibilities aren’t available, we can see about scheduling a next day appointment.

What if only one person wants to come for counseling?

When your partner isn’t willing to come in for help with the relationship, it is even more important for us to talk. Click here to learn what you can do.

marriage counselingAs a marriage counselor, I can also help with premarital counseling.

It is normal to have the jitters before making such a big step in life, but there is a difference between the jitters, and constant arguing and friction.

What I often find when couples come to see me for premarital counseling is that they tell me they love each other, and they want to be together, but they find themselves getting into fights more frequently. They keep hoping it will get better, but it just doesn’t.

In premarital counseling, together we can:

– Figure out how to bring back harmony and work on the miscommunication problems you are having.

– Learn how to handle the anger that has developed as a result of poor communication.

Click here to learn more about premarital counseling.

peaceful-pier-223904During counseling, we can deal with issues such as infidelity and addiction.

Dealing with infidelity is one of the most devastating experiences that a couple will ever face. Click here to learn more about how you can heal from infidelity in couples therapy.

There are many relationships that on the brink of divorce because of addiction. Click here to learn about the three steps to dealing with addiction.

Getting help in your relationship, at a New Jersey office near you.

As the founder of Your Marriage Counselor, I am dedicated to helping couples stay together. In order to reach this goal, I have asked several couples therapists to join me. They are located throughout New Jersey, and you are probably no more than 20 or 30 minutes from their offices. All of these therapists are experienced professionals who truly care about helping couples.

To learn more about these counselors, please go to the About Our Therapists section on this website. Please give us a call at 888-281-5850.

Dr. Marty
34 years of helping couples stay together
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker – #44SC00275900
Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor – #37F100094000

Dr. Marty’s Office is located at:

25 Oakbrook Place, Somerset, NJ 08873-2015

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